This is a list of all the stuff I packed and including things I didn’t pack and wish I had. This is by no means an essential list, as each baby is very different, therefore it is dependent on their needs, but all my favorite baby items and things we used when on holiday. At the time of traveling Max is 7 months old.

What we did for preparing formula whilst abroad
1. We bought bottles of water, then boiled this water in the kettle
2. Filled a flask that kept the water boiling for 12 hours (and cold water cool for 24 hours), we used this as the hot shot for the milk powder (about 1-1.5oz of boiling water) depending on how many oz they take, add powder and then top up the rest of the bottle with the cooled boiled water.
3. Stored the rest in a couple of bottles (making enough for the day)
4. Repeated each day or more so the water was fresh, and the flask had hot water
5. We carried the powder in this compact dispenser for ease and packed 6 bottles
At the airport, there didn’t appear to be any limit on liquids, security were great and so helpful. I took enough bottles of water for the day (I just did Maxs usually ml, plus an extra bottle of water, along with, my flask of boiling water and the powder separately to make up the bottles as and when needed. We also took Ellas’ kitchen/piccolo pouches for the day.

If you are weaning like us, I would recommend the following:
Your own silicone spoons (Max likes them and we found the ones at the hotel to be really big spoons)
Silicone suction bowl/plate (this is something I wish I had packed, as Max grabbed the others and food gets everywhere, he couldn’t be trusted with the plastic tray on his table ha ha)
Overall bibs (if you have a messy eater like Max, I’d recommend packing a couple)
Had this hotel not had highchairs everywhere from the pool, beach, and room (if requested) I would def recommend my little coco chair

Most airlines allow two baby items on top of your luggage, however, often you need to pre-book this with the airline. You may therefore choose to take a travel cot/car seat/ or pram.
Cot – the hotel had a cot, should you need to travel with one, I love our bugaboo stardust
Pram – we took the Mamas and Papas Airo cabin approved pram. If you are taking your usual larger pram, these can be taken to the gate, where it gets checked in before you board. If this is the case, I would recommend a carrier in case you get stuck in queues at the other end as the pram comes out with the luggage after security.

Milk powder – Max has Nutramigen Puramino which is prescription, so we didn’t order to the airport boots
Small flask 
Mam bottles
Mam milk powder dispenser 
Silicone plates 
Silicone spoons Discount code: HOPPYHOME15 for 15% off
Bottlebrush cleaner
Milton tablets
Milton wipes
Silicone bowl
Overall bibs

I really didn’t pack much, just a few flat and compact toys, but he was happily entertained watching everything and with us. We did take the iPad and download little baby bum ha ha, but he actually didn’t bother watching it much at all
Dummy clip – we used this for Maxs teethers
Mumby teether
Fox matchstick teether
Activity book and toy mamas and papas
Ribbon and rattle
Bucket and spade set – this also doubled up as great entertainment for the pool. Discount code: HOPPYHOME15 for 15% off

Marpac Hushh Portable lightweight White Noise Sound Machine
Pram fan
Baby carrier
Rockit (this attaches to the pram and rocks it whilst the baby is sleeping) I didn’t pack this and it was deeply missed ha ha.
Large swaddle muslins – we used the one we brought so much!
Baby monitor 
Pop up UV tent and paddling pool option available (had we not had a garden view room close to the pool I would have got this)
Baby swimming Inflatable with UV sun canopy – 3-36 months
Teether clips
Pram bag clips
Pram mosquito net and snoozeshade
Hats (plenty)
swimming costumes
Sleep bag
My favourite towel – I loved this one with the hooded corner hood for Max too
Mini inflatable
– works well if there is no bath and your baby doesn’t like a shower

Kokoso baby – love and use this daily at home and great for his skin after lots of swimming
Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment 
Calpol sachets – these are so much easier and don’t take up much space
Teething powder sachets 
Baby Thermometer – I personally find this one the easiest, quickest, and most reliable
Mini first aid kit
Swimming nappies 
Body wash
Baby Suncream we used on Max
Mosquito spray
Toothpaste (if they have teeth)

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