– 4 Simple ways to add Spring and Easter into your home –


AD [Paid Partnership with Sainsbury’s Home] All products selected by myself and as always all opinions and views my own.

 As much as I love changing things within our home, it is not viable to do anything to make drastic for each season; however, I always make a few subtle changes throughout our home, to incorporate the season.

Below are the 4 simple things I like to do and I have worked with Sainsbury’s home to pick out my favourite things they offer to help you bring spring into your home.

1. Easter Styling

With Easter just around the corner, it always gets me thinking about how else I can add more Spring touches to the home.

I often found that seasons would pass me by and I often felt like I didn’t get to appreciate the beauty and aspects of all those months. The last few years I started to make a list of something I wanted to do that season; whether that be something therapeutic (which for me is often a creative activity) or just ‘faffing’ with a corner of our home. I mean Mat’s face when I added Easter bunting to the kitchen a few years ago was a picture, but I find this an enjoyable way to relax and ensure each season doesn’t pass me by.

Sainsbury’s Home offers such a vast Easter selection, my favourites being the easter games, activities, signs and pre-arranged egg hunts. All perfect for those with kids, nieces or close little ones. I love bunnies, as I’m sure most of you reading this will know, therefore, for me anything bunny related, is always a winner.

My Favourite Easter picks below:-

2. Flowers {real and/or faux} 

I absolutely love flowers within our home, both fresh and faux. I love the seasonal pops of colour they provide and the smell of a fresh bunch, but as it can become quite costly to keep up with real flowers, I always like to have faux flowers around our home too. 

My favourite floral picks below:-

  • A fresh bunch of Flowers {£16} I love the large bunches as I can make a couple of smaller bouquets using these too. 
  • Faux Ranunculus in glass vase {£8} 
  • Daffodils {£1.50} 
  • Faux Pussy Willow in blue churn {£15}


3. Scenting

I have mentioned this in previous blog posts about my love for scenting and the memories scenting triggers, therefore, I go round the home and change all my candles as spring arrives, for fresh and floral scents. I love scents which are strong enough to fill a room and their diffusers and candles do exactly that!

My Favourite Scents below:-

4. Accessories

As the season’s change, so do the things we frequently use within our home. In Spring and moving into summer, we love an al fresco lunch and dinner. Therefore we like to have a set of plates for us to use outside which are stored in the conservatory, for ease and with all our outdoor placemats. 

My Favourite Accessories below:-

  • Mini Lanterns {£3} I loved these as they’re perfect for all rooms and could be versatile and styled across our home.
  • Cut glass champagne glasses {£3.50} 
  • Cut glass tumbler glasses {£3.50} 
  • Dinner plate – grey and white {£4.25} 
  • Side plate – grey and white {£3.75} 
  • Silver clear glass frame {£15}