Autumn is my favourite season, in Spring and Summer I usually find I want to ‘de-clutter’ the home and I don’t tend to buy much for the home.

In Autumn, I absolutely love to layer up on throws, cushions and accessories to create a cosier homely feel. Below are the ways I like to style things in our home over Autumn along with a few of my existing and new favourite finds.



Over the Autumn and Winter months, I love to layer and add different textures with throws and cushions throughout the house, having blankets and throws in baskets, over the sofa, armchairs and beds to add warmth to the autumn months. I love to change things throughout our home during a good deep clean, but I think Mat would divorce me if I kept buying new all the time, therefore, instead, I rotate throws and cushions around the house, which gives a new fresh feel to the existing space. 

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Whilst I’m obsessed with candles, regardless of season, nothing beats them over the autumn-winter months. I love the cosy ambience they create and nothing beats the autumn-winter scents.

Everytime I light my autumn candle it takes me straight back and I adore that about scented candles, which I’m sure I have mentioned in a lot of my blog posts! Candles are my little luxury which I treat myself too and below are all my favourite candles and room scents I have bought for many years. This year with the addition of the fireside white company scent which I love.

Whilst unscented, I do love the look of botanical candles, my favourites also linked below, along with the popular candle tray I have in our kitchen; which is back in stock!

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I’m trying to not get sucked into buying anything too seasonal which I wouldn’t use year after year. I love buying new pieces for the home, especially when all the gorgeous new autumn ranges launch, but now I try and select pieces which I can use in our home long-term, or anything seasonal, I try to choose only a few select pieces I will use year after year; for example the felt pumpkins which can be used for either a place setting or hanging from twigs, or I may hang these from my pussy willow.

A few staple investments for the AW winter months for me are things like baskets, tea light holders, little vases for displaying arrangements of dried flowers and subtle seasonal touches.

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It is no secret I prefer neutral decor in our home, I love the country rustic feel with a modern touch by adding more monochrome, however, I think pops of colour really add warmth and this doesn’t need to be anything drastic. In Autumn richer colours, rusts or this year I have gone for black. Often I may do this by something as simple as coloured candles, in Autumn opting for burnt orange candles and adding the odd coloured cushion, flowers or some artwork. Nothing too drastic where I could go off it, but a simple subtle seasonal touch.

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I absolutely love neutral natural decor making dried flower arrangements, many of which you can source from your garden or alternatively if you have a garden like mine, which doesn’t have much to offer. I have linked the things I have purchased below which provide all the earthy tones. All my favourite things to display; Dried hydrangeas, Dried floral wreaths, Pumpkins, Dried Wheat and Barley, Pinecones, Cotton Stems, Dried lagurus and Dried Grass Pennisetum Bunny Tail Hay

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Thank you for reading. Love Jess x