I love when a new season begins, especially spring and autumn, as I feel these bring the most noticeable and dramatic changes. With the change in season, I absolutely love ‘faffing’ around in our home and making changes reflective of the season.

I always start by having a good clean and sort-out. I think most of us do, don’t we!? I’m not sure whether it is the start of the New Year, if it is the amount we seem to accumulate over Christmas and all the festive decorations that have filled our homes, or whether it is just the desire for a clean, fresh start.

Then, as soon as the days become lighter for longer, feeling warmer and brighter and flowers begin to bud and trees blossom, I like to swap things around, a lot; I just keep a few boxes for each season in the loft and rotate the contents. In spring, I begin to swap-out certain accessories to display more simple vases, over the next few months I love to fill our home with fresh and faux flowers; everything from tulips, hydrangeas, pussy willow, peonies and ranunculi’s, to name a few of my favourites. I begin by packing away a number of throws and the heavy extra layers I added to give warmth, to include more light linen type fabrics and lastly, but of course not least, burn down my winter scents to start filling the house with fresh and fruity fragrances.

As part of my partnership with WoodWick® candles I have selected a few of my favourite and perfect spring fragrances I would highly recommend you try; some are new, and some are what I have bought and used for many years. Whether we are hosting friends or family, or just relaxing at home, nothing beats the soft sound of the crackling wooden wick and room filling scent WoodWick® candles offer.


Golden Milk – Notes of sweet milk and exotic spices mix wth a swirl of floral notes – frangipani, gardenia and tuberose
Solar Ylang – Scents of fresh bergamot arranged in a sweet white bouquet of jasmine, tuberose and ylang-ylang. Ending with musk and creamy sandalwood notes.
At the Beach – Escape to the beach with the summery scents of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and cool sea breezes.
Linen – the comforting scent of clean laundry drying in a soft summer breeze.
Vanilla and Sea Salt – Soft vanilla blossoms swirled with notes of sea salt and jasmine.
Magnolia – Sweet magnolia blossoms intermingled with nuances of green leaves and white florals.
Fig Leaf & Tuberose – Dewy tuberose blossoms intertwined with fresh fig leaves and crisp eucalyptus.