As I often get asked, How do you edit your pictures? What camera do you use? and How are your photos so good? Okay, I made up that last question…but for those who may be interested, I thought I would do a blog post on what I do for anyone who would be interested. Alternatively, you can just see the difference a bit of brightening does.

What I use to take my photos
I do have a ‘proper camera’ a Nikon D3300, but I would be lying if I said I knew how to use it. I’m still hit and miss on the blurry background trick, therefore, until I learn how to properly use my camera (on my ‘to do list’ for 2018), I just use my iPhone7. I often find photo quality on my iPhone isn’t great, on an evening, therefore, I do try and take most of my pictures when there is enough natural light and from there I tweak them in either the Snapseed app and VSCO. Which I believe I found these via two people and pages I love; Anna @blossomingbirds and Lauren @huntersandheels.

How long my photos and editing takes
During the working week, I’m so busy with work and travelling, meaning it is often dark when I’m home *mini violin*. I don’t really get much time to take photos, therefore any photos I do take, are usually a quick 2-minute snap. With approx 100 identical photos on my camera roll.

When the bunnies are involved, these take longer ha-ha. Once I have enough photos to last a lifetime, I scroll through, realising they’re all the same and eventually pick one. To be honest, this is often what takes the most time. Then I tweak the photo in either Snapseed or VSCO. Which takes me no more than 1-minute (I mean I have never timed myself, but you get the idea) both apps are so quick and easy.

I want to be more creative with my photography this year and have some exciting courses planned. I really enjoy accounts which have a variation on their page, so I will be no doubt be roping in Mat. He is unlikely to ever read this, so it will come as a nice surprise for him.

What Apps I use for my images
I mainly use Snapseed and/or VSCO. Both are really straightforward and I will provide more information on these apps below.

For the majority of my photos, all I do is use the app ‘Snapseed’ where I change the brightness and ambience. I have done a short ‘how to’ for those who may not be familiar with the app.

I remember I used to hashtag ‘VSCO’ when I started my Instagram page last year. I had seen quite a few people include it and thought that must be a good, popular hashtag ha-ha! Until I found out, this was actually a photo editing app, not an ‘interior’ acronym hashtag after all.

Depending on the photo to start, depends on whether I use Snapseed or VSCO. Photos after work can be dull at this time of the year, therefore, I would use VSCO and Snapseed. Many pages which have a clear ‘theme’ across their photos will use VSCO. For the filters I use, I like that they retain the colours, whilst brightening the white (I know, who would believe I liked white). I don’t like my pictures to be over filtered, as many apps can make pictures look quite grainy. Unlike some filters, VSCO allows you to decrease the intensity, which I also love about this app.

I would recommend playing around, my favourites are A2, A6, A8 and A9, but there are so many, so definitely play around and experiment to find one which suits you. Once I have played with the level of the filter, which I usually lower to +5, I then adjust the exposure and that’s it. Below gives you an example, with photos before and after using VSCO.

My Top Tips
I say ‘top tips’ as it was more catchy than, ‘this is what I do’, which is basically all the below provides:

  • Natural light: I try and take all my photos when there is enough daylight and then I find my photos only need little adjustments.
  • Experiment: Play around, find an app that works for you. I love VSCO, Snapseed, A Color Story and Lightroom but I am sure there are plenty more.
  • Take lots of pictures: especially when trying to get pictures of the bunnies, I take hold my thumb down to get plenty of options to decide from.

Hopefully, that was useful. If there is anything else you would like to know. Please let me know in the comments. If you didn’t find me via Instagram, I have added some screenshots below, of photos featured on my Instagram feed.

If you made it to the end, thanks for reading.
Jess x