Over on my Instagram stories the other week, I did a story saying ‘Ask me anything’. I actually felt a bit nervous, like hosting a party and no-one turning up! Luckily you all sent me some great questions across and I didn’t have to get Mat to think of some questions to ask me instead haha.

I have broken the questions into 3 blog posts, me, our home and the bunnies. I am sure most of you just want to hear more about Scarlett and Sonny, but the first one is about me.

I love the music you add to your stories, what is your favourite song?

I do love a tune on my stories! I love music, therefore, I couldn’t choose one song! But some of my all-time favourites are; Greenday – Good Riddance, Tracy Chapman – Fast Car, Eminem – Lose Yourself and Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror.

I do have my favourite tunes playlist here if you would like a listen, or a nosey. You can click play or on the Spotify symbol below for it to take you to Spotify.

It is quite random as I love so many music genres. For example, last year gigs and concerts included; Greenday, SUM 41, Blink 182, Eminem, Celine Dion, We are Scientists, Tom Clarke, The Enemy and Joe Dolman. I think that is it. I had to ask Mat and his words “what are you writing here, I am sure no-one wants the life story” haha!

If you’re looking for something new, I love Joe Dolman, who will be on my favourites too.  Also any new suggestions please let me know, Mat and I love a gig! We have The Script, Joe Dolman, Feeder and Stereophonics already lined up.

Would you like children one day?

Yes I would definitely love children one day, but for now just Me, Mat and the fluffy kids.

What was your favourite holiday and is there anywhere you would recommend?

Oooo that’s a tricky one. I would probably say it is between New York, where I went with one of my best friends, Las Vegas or Mexico. Mat and I stayed at the Occidental Grand Xcaret which I would recommend. It is a traditional hotel and the Xcaret Park attached was unreal. The beach felt like you could have been in Thailand and I loved the underground rivers. Oh but I can’t forget our holiday to North Carolina & Florida. Sorry, I can’t give short answers can I haha!

Would you rather jump forward 5 years or re do the last 5 years?

Oh I would definitely jump back 5 years. The last 5 years have been the busiest and best of my life. I have had some of the best memories therefore, I’d happily go back and do them again.

What do you do for a living?

I work in Sales, for biomedical and endoscopic maintenance. I’m home-based, but on a usual day you’ll usually find me at a hospital.

What does Mat do?

Aside from taking the mick out of me? haha. Mat has an IT business.

How did you and Mat meet?

It was in Newcastle, where we both went to Uni. Mat was a ghost (by Ghost I mean he had a bed sheet over him and cut out eyes), I was a pirate and the first thing he said to me was “you look scarily like Jack Sparrow” haha!

If you were to change your name what would It be and why?

Princess Consuela banana hammock, because I think Phobe was on to something there. Yes I do love friends!

If you had to lose a body part what would it be and why?

Some of these questions haha!! Mmm….I guess one of my little fingers, just because I’m not sure I’d miss it…I might be able to get 10% discount when getting my nails done too…! Ps. I just want to highlight I do not wish to lose my little finger, or any body parts!

What would say was one of our most memorable experiences?

This is a great question, as I think experiences and memories are worth more than anything. I have been fortunate to do some amazing things and visit some incredible places. I LOVED swimming with dolphins, I have always wanted to do that, so when Mat and I did it was surreal. Another experience would be Morry’s Camp. This is a Non-Profit Charity Organisation in Glen Spey, New York. I was there for a few months and It was the most rewarding and challenging experiences I have ever had.

What is your favourite drink?

Always a vanilla latte haha. Alcoholic I would pick baileys or rhubarb gin, but I have been known to get a coffee on a night out ha ha. I’m a bit of a lightweight.

I want you hair, what do you use and how long did it take for it to grow?

Firstly…. thank you!! I mainly use L’Oréal and Aussie, but I swap between the types. I remember asking a girl at school what she used as she always had the shiniest hair (thanks Sophie if you ever read this, her and her luscious are over in Australia now!). She said she rotated the shampoo/ conditioner every few washes and that stuck with me. I must say, I do need to get a good haircut, I currently just cut it myself which you may have seen if you watch my Insta-stories. I used to be so adventurous with my hair, but I will never forget the time my sister told me she could give me Rachel from friend’s feathered hair cut…. the outcome was undesirable to say the least and now I hate anyone cutting my hair!! Oh and it goes quite quick and I have had it long for years so it is hard to know – sorry not very useful.

Do you have a favourite perfume?

I have a few I wear, CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle, Stella McCartney, D&G Light Blue and I got Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir for my birthday, which could now be my ultimate favourite!!

What is your favourite clothes brand?

My go to shops are always Zara and ASOS (I see Nigel the DPD delivery man more than Mat haha).

Excluding the Greatest Showman, which I know you have seen a few times, what other films do you love?

I need to stop talking about the Greatest Showman I think, as I had similar questions a few times haha. I love the cinema and go pretty much every week, I struggle to relax and feel bad not doing anything when I am at home, whereas at the cinema I totally switch off. I actually worked at Vue for many years; which I loved. Anyway, sorry the actual question asked haha… I don’t think I could pick one, but some of my favourites are; Catch Me If You Can, The Shawshank Redemption, The Blind Side, 8 Mile, A Walk to Remember (I love a Nicholas Sparks Film) and Harry Potter of course.