I think it goes without saying; the living room is my favourite room;  reflective in the number of times I post this on my Instagram feed. It was one room where Mat gave up the battle; leaving me to do what I wanted. Although that said, I let him pick the log burner and the hearth; I know; I’m all give haha!

We (I) always knew I wanted to get fitted cabinets in the living room, replace the gas fire with a log burner and then it soon became apparent this room would need plastering. Not to mention it would need the bay window wall rebuilding; which was a consequence of me deciding to replace the window sills. It turns out these were part of the wall haha! With all this in mind and considering costs, we did have a break between doing the kitchen and bathroom. Also, I wanted to have a room we could go to, which wasn’t carnage. I would say to relax, but between weddings, hen do’s and stag do’s, Mat and I didn’t get much time to relax at all haha.

Alcove Bespoke Fitted Cabinets
As I get asked about these so much I wanted to give all the details for those wanting to take on the same project. These were made and built by a carpenter after I provided a combination of images and sketches of what I wanted; from magazines and Pinterest.

Time: this will vary on the size of your room. Ours took 6 working days; this included making and fitting.
Cost: I would always recommend getting an accurate cost; some carpenters will charge by the day (like ours) others for the job itself. This cost us 6 working days (you’ll need to confirm this via a quote) and on top of labour is the cost of the materials (which were approx. £600).
Material: we used MDF opposed to wood, as this makes it a lot cheaper and in my opinion, once painted I don’t think you would notice either.
Painting: I believe some companies can spray these for you; to save money I painted these myself. MDF is like a sponge, therefore, I gave these cabinets two coats of wood primer and three coats of Farrow & Ball ‘All White’
Considerations: to ensure you get what you want, I would recommend providing the carpenter with as much detail as you know. For example, I wanted our cupboards quite high, as these would be the only place for storage in the room.

  • How tall would you like the cabinets/cupboards?
  • How many shelves do you want?
  • If you want a TV/Lamp, I would measure this and make sure you leave enough shelf space.


Hearth: this was sorted via the company who fitted our log burner and it is Yorkshire stone.
Fireplace Surround: this is made from wood, with the inside of the surround being metal. I often get asked how we used wood with regulations, but this can be done as long as there is a certain gap. I would seek further advice on this from a specialist; which I am not haha.
Brick slips: as mentioned above, we made the fireplace gap wider, therefore, the way bricks were knocked out made these weren’t flat, therefore, we brick slips inside the fireplace. We could have just boarded and painted, but I wanted the bricks, to keep this looking like a traditional restored feature.

Log burner
We always knew we wanted to replace the gas fire this with a log burner. Mat actually picked and arranged for the company to sort the log burner and they were great; sorting everything included from start to finish.

Time: Approx. 3 days. This was to have our original fireplace disconnected and removed, the gap made wider, lining added, they fit the brick slips (I bought these online) the hearth laid and log burner installed.
Bricks: I wanted to make the gap wider, therefore, the bricks were smashed and we had to get brick slips. For those who have asked you can get stuff to clean the bricks. I purchased the brick slips online, from brick slips direct.
Cost: This always depends on the job and what you’re doing, therefore, I would always recommend getting a quote. As mentioned the company sorted everything for us, which may have cost more to do it that way, but I know eBay is good for buying log burners.
No Chimney? I often get asked, can you get a log burner if you have no chimney? We do have a chimney, therefore, I haven’t gone through this process, but in short, yes you can. There are a lot of images on Pinterest on how you can build a stud wall and also look at electric burners.

What Paint have we used in the Living Room?
I’ve used various paints in this room which I have listed below. To know more about all the paint I have used in our home click here. Yes, I have used that much paint, I wrote an entire blog post on it haha!

Fireplace Wall – Farrow & Ball ‘Cornforth White’ Matt Emulsion
Back and Side Walls – Little Greene ‘Slaked Lime Pale’ Matt Emulsion
Fireplace Surround – Farrow & Ball ‘All White’ Eggshell
Built-in Alcove Cabinets – Farrow & Ball ‘All White’ Eggshell
Walls above the picture rail – Dulux ‘White’
Mirror – Rust-Oleum ‘Chalk White’
Skirting and Picture Rail – Johnstone’s with a shot of Farrow & Ball ‘All White’ Eggshell
Doors – Johnstone’s with a shot of Farrow & Ball ‘All White’ Eggshell
Ceiling – Dulux White Emulsion

I did want to keep the wooden floorboards, but due to plumbing, electrics and the gaps between giving such a breeze; that and I really wanted parquet, so any excuse really. If you would like to read more about the flooring, I did a blog post on the flooring here – wood parquet flooring

Before and After Photos

Thank you for reading, hopefully, you found it useful. Failing that, who doesn’t like a before and after photo haha.

If you want to find out more about anything I bought and used in the living room click here.

Jess xx