I’m no travel blogger, although I have a blog and I travel so I will have a go. I received so many questions via Instagram about our recent holiday, I thought I would do a blog post, that and I love seeing peoples holiday photos to get that persons views and perspective on a place. I am not (sadly) being paid to write any of the below, however, this was gifted, from Mat for Christmas, so I really can’t complain! For those who may not follow me on Instagram, we recently went to Sani Resort in Halkidiki. The
resort comprises of Sani Beach, Sani Club, Porto Sani, Sani Asterias and Sani Dunes; we stayed at Sani Club and I really couldn’t recommend this place enough. The service was exceptional, and I think it had the nicest, friendliest and happy staff I have come across; which I created such a happy infectious atmosphere.


Food and Drink
Now to start with the most important aspect, for me anyway, food. We stayed Half-Board as we didn’t want to be confined to a set list of restaurants. Half-Board was really flexible and included Breakfast and Dinner, or, if wanted you could have Lunch and then just pay for dinner. On arrival we got a set list, which Mat has lost, therefore any complaints regarding the lack of information, please direct to him haha. The inclusive dinner included the main buffet and a number of restaurants, where you could eat but from a set menu. If you didn’t want to eat from the set menu you did have the option of selecting what you wanted from the main menu and you would be given a 20 euro discount per person to do this. As all the restaurants do fill up quite quickly, I would recommend getting this done early in your break to get the time you want. We booked everything using the Sani Resort App, which is brilliant. Not only can you make reservations using this, but you can see the menu for each place. There are 26 places listed providing, therefore,  plenty of options and variety. Our drinks were not included and drinks are expensive, around 8 euors for a pint 14 euros for a cocktail.

I’m Engaged!
I’m not usually one for PDA, I am more about taking the mick out of Mat, however, I am also nosey and like reading things like this, therefore, in case anyone was the same as me, without embarrassing Mat I thought I would add a little about that night.
You might think after been together nearly 9 years, in such a beautiful setting it may not come as a surprise, however, after packing, unpacking and Mat being cool as a cucumber I did not suspect a thing. It was the second night of our holiday and we were off for dinner at the Ouzerie, which was a beautiful traditional Greek restaurant, both the food and the setting were perfect. Then we had planned to walk down to the marina and go to the white party.
Getting dressed, Mats only white polo had been chewed so bad (one of the fluffy kids must have been in the suitcase) so that had me in stitches laughing before we even got out. Then we got out all dressed in white and it was chucking it down but being British didn’t let this stop us and still sat outside for dinner. We walked along the beach, having cocktails en route, then we walked along this
cliff edge with an old castle. After quickly passing a little child having an ‘accident’ Mat ushered me to the next ocean viewing spot. The sun was setting and it was absolutely stunning. Before Mat had proposed, I had no battery from all my videos and photos as it was such a beautiful night haha! That was actually really nice though as we just got to enjoy the evening in our own bubble. I have added so many pictures from that night below



Sani Resort

I really couldn’t recommend this place enough, for amazing service, stunning views and the gorgeous interior; which all feels very loaf style! We were there for 5 nights, but with all the different spots to eat, drink and various little seating areas I could happily do two weeks…same again for this year’s Christmas present Mat?
The place is absolutely gorgeous, every inch is decorated like something out of a loaf catalogue. What I also loved was all the little areas you could go for a walk, drink, somewhere to chill and it catered really well for children. When passing the kids club/creche we noticed children over a certain age could get so many hours free too.